Workouts Overview

This part of the website contains workouts posted for your use and for you to share, modify, teach, learn, etc. Most of these workouts are considered HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts or are similar to what you'd see in an Orange Theory or CrossFit style gym. 

Over the years I have found HIIT workouts to be extremely effective in building endurance, mobility, strength, cardiovascular health and work well as a weight loss tool if that is something you're trying to achieve. 

Let me be clear by saying you cannot out work a bad diet, so no matter how hard you work or how much time you put in, you have to invest an equal amount, if not more, time into your eating habits in order to get the results you're looking for. 

Not every single workout I post is something I came up with, but some are. Some are workouts I modified to make more difficult or to scale to my level of experience and you should do the same as well. I will say, you should ALWAYS try and do more than you think you can do, but at the same time be cognizant of injury and overexertion.

For reference, when I use the word "scale", I am normally talking about scaling down. For example, if the Rx (prescribed reps/sets) calls for 50 and this is day 1 for you, maybe you should do 20 or 30. Before you go straight into scaling, try breaking up the reps if you need to. So instead of doing 50 unbroken, try doing 2 sets of 25 or 5 sets of 10 with little rest between. This way, you're still completing all the reps, just in a way that you can handle them. Make sense?

No programming is a "one size fits all" routine and it takes time and consistency to see what your body is responding to and what is the most efficient and realistic path for you. Notice I didn't say what is the easiest or most convenient because neither of those words will ever and should never describe your workout programming. It SHOULD be difficult and it SHOULD be work. If it is not then the results (if you see any) are much less rewarding and the incentive to continue down that path is less than it would be had you busted your ass and put in the work there. 

Also, if you aren't sure if you should be using the weight that I call for in my workouts, scale down. You will find out real quick if you need to add weight. If you start heavy and hurt yourself it could take weeks/months before you return to lifting. Good quality reps > weight, any day of the week. 

As always email me with your questions, comments or concerns. I am always happy to receive them and answer them to the best of my ability.