***Equipment needed: barbell and plates (bumper plates preferred), pull up bar, plyo box, kettlebell or dumbbell
Rx/Scale for men = 135/95 lbs on barbell and 50/35 on KB
Rx/scale for women = 95/65 lbs on barbell and 35/15 on KB
Other scale options:
-Pull ups: assisted/banded pull ups, jumping pull ups
-HSPU: regular push ups x2 the reps
-Box jumps: shorter box or squat jumps x2 the reps
Rxx options:
- Do a set of abs between each exercise
-Weighted pull ups and box jumps
5 rounds for time:
-3 bear complex 
-7 pull ups
-10 box jumps
-15 KB swings
Finisher (optional):
-150 double unders
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Recommended pre workout: Nitric Oxide Support
Recommended Intra workout: BCAA
Recommended post workout: Protein