Bear Complex

**This series of movements can be used as your warm up set(s), incorporated into a HIIT workout, or done with heavy weight for low volume reps. Equipment needed will be a barbell and weighted plates, preferably bumper plates but cast iron works as well. 
Scale options/Rxx Options
***This depends on how you want to use this series of movements. The obvious two ways to scale would be reps and weight. Another way to modify difficulty would be doing each movement strict, slow and super controlled vs going for speed.
Bear Complex (5 movements all done without dropping the bar):
-1 power clean (floor to chest)
-1 Front squat 
-1 Push press
-1 Back squat
-1 Push Press
-Repeat as needed
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bear complex workout
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Recommended pre workout: Nitric Oxide Support
Recommended Intra workout: BCAA
Recommended post workout: Protein