About us

As a veteran owned and operated company, we place integrity very high on the scale of importance. This means that unlike a lot of folks in the supplement industry, we take pride in the fact that we run a totally ethical operation. Everything from sourcing ingredients, to manufacturing, to label compliance, to marketing ads is all done without cutting any corners. 

You see, we know what it feels like to be on the other side of the screen. The second you enter a website you get bombarded with pop up forms and up-sells and flashy marketing gimmicks and its a little overwhelming to be honest. Here, our message is simple. We sell health products that are clean and effective every single time. You get the results you are looking for and we don't beat around the bush about what is in our products. 

On our homepage you will find multiple resources to include healthy recipes infused with Elevate products that can easily be substituted with your product of choice, although we'd prefer you used ours *wink wink*. There is a blog feature where we cover all things health and wellness. All of our social platforms can be accessed directly from our website so you can see the face(s) behind the brand. My personal is is andrew@elevate-supps.com if you ever want to contact me directly. 

At the end of the day, we care about getting you the best results possible. This means that while we prefer you do your shopping here, there might be something you need or want that we don't offer. What we do offer is honest advice and our goal is to point you in the right direction. Thanks for reading and don't forget to sign up and activate your account to start receiving discounts TODAY!