300 Meltdown

**Can be performed with a kettlebell or dumbbell - Rx weight is 50lbs - approximate time to complete, 18-25 minutes.

Scale options:
-Break each set into multiple sets
(2 sets of 25 or 5 sets of 10, etc)
-lighter weight
-less reps
Rxx options:
-Heavier weight
-More reps
-Add an excersice between each set
(Ex: 25 double unders between each set)
300 MELTDOWN For time (300 reps total):
25 V-Ups
50 KB cleans (25 each arm)
25 push ups
50 KB swings
50 Burpees
50 KB Clean and press (25 each arm)
50 Mountain Climbers (100 if counting for singles)
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Recommended pre workout: Nitric Oxide Support
Recommended Intra workout: BCAA
Recommended post workout: Protein