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Everyone is looking for the quickest most efficient way to reach their health goals by spending as little money as possible and expending as little effort as possible. It’s the holy grail of all equations. Minimal cost + minimal effort for maximum benefit. Is there such a thing?! There are many ways to generate the desired result you’re looking for without breaking the bank and sacrificing hours upon hours a week on timing your consumption or use of said products, but the one I am here to discuss today is simple. We all have access to it (which most of us take for granted), it normally costs little to nothing to obtain and we can use it almost anytime and anywhere we want. It isn’t magic. It’s scientifically proven to have almost zero negative side effects (depending on its purity and containment) and it’s safe for anyone to use. Oh, and it has zero calories, sugars, fat and carbs. Have you guessed what it is yet? Yep, its WATER.

It’s a well-known fact that the majority (approximately 60%) of your body is comprised of water. The human body can go about 3 or so weeks without food, but without water, wouldn’t last longer than 3 or 4 days. Staying hydrated is a crucial part of keeping your body and health in check. There have even been some studies that link cognitive function and mood to a lack of hydration. Everyone is out there looking for the next hip cleanse to do in order to flush their body of toxins and impurities, while they are probably not even consuming enough water a day in order to support a sufficient cleanse or detox. Water can also be used for fat loss and lots of people don’t even realize it. Next time you get hungry in between meals and KNOW you don’t really NEED a snack, reach for some water. Unless you’re cutting weight for a show or competition, which I am guessing most of us aren’t doing, then who cares if you’re carrying around “water weight”. I say GOOD, get you some water weight. The term water weight is sometimes used loosely and out of context. For example, its Monday. You and the bros had a sick weekend shot gunning white claws at the FGL concert and eating late night pizza afterwards. You feel a little heavier than normal and chalk it up to “water weight”. Nah lol. That isn’t water weight. That is junk weight. And that weight, unlike true water weight, has the ability to convert and store itself in the body as fat. While water can certainly tip the scale a little bit, it is NOT going to convert itself into fat, last time I checked.

So how much water is enough water? Some say a gallon a day, others say 4 pints a day and others just think you should drink as much water as possible, don’t worry about the actual amount. Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong with a gallon a day, or at least aim for that. So how do we do this? A few ways I have found to make staying hydrated a little easier is 1) always keep it around. Buy a good cup or water bottle and keep it on your desk (in your vehicle, by your bed, whatever suits you) and keep it full! We tend to keep up with things when we have ease of access. I keep a large 30 oz yeti cup on my desk, and I try to drink about 4-6 of them a day. 2) always opt for water. At some point in the day, you’re going to get thirsty. Whether it’s when you eat, after talking for a while on the phone or in a meeting or after spending some time outside in the hot Texas weather. Instead of reaching for a sugary soda or “sports drink” (lol), opt for water. 3) set a reminder. Although I have never done this to remind myself to drink water, I know, that if I need to do something and don’t set a reminder or an alarm, I will likely forget. If this is you as well, try it out. Set a reminder to go off a few times a day that tells you to drink water and when it pops up on your screen or your phone, stop what you’re doing and down a glass. 4) As mentioned above I keep a full cup on my desk. Every now and then, I’ll see it in my peripheral vision and think “hmmm, I haven’t taken a sip in a while”, and that’s normally is my que. I’ll grab the cup, take a big ol’ gulp and go back to what I am doing. Again, convenience and ease of access is huge.

For anyone who has ever done any sort of endurance event, you know that hydration plays a huge role in your ability to steadily perform for the entire duration. This process starts days in advance. If you’re doing an OCR like a tough mudder or spartan, you should be putting down some serious quantities of water days in advance. Trust me, waking up the day of and chugging bottle after bottle on the way to the course is only going to result in you being extra thirsty AND having to pee a lot lol.

For all my party goers, try putting down a glass of water every 2nd or 3rd drink AND make sure to drink some water before you go to bed. If you do wake up with a little headache or hangover, try to drink water till you pee twice! Not like a regular pee. I mean the kind where you HAVE TO GO. By the second time its normally pretty clear and any headache or grogginess is typically gone or has subsided big time.

The main takeaway here is that simply drinking lots of water each day is so beneficial and many of us just aren’t consuming enough. It takes such little effort to do this and it’s so inexpensive there is really no reason not to keep up with it. What are some of the ways you make sure to stay hydrated? Anyone ever been admitted to a hospital or ER for what ended up being a dehydration issue??? I have not personally but have a few stories from friends of mine and it doesn’t sound fun at all! Let me know your thoughts. This is one of those topics that gets overlooked, in my opinion, because of its simplicity and abundant availability. If you really want to appreciate how easy it is for us to access water, go check out the website . They have a great foundation that builds water wells out in third world countries where people have little to no access to clean water and have major disease epidemics partially due to that. Hope you found this of some value and if you have any questions, drop them below or email me at . Don’t forget to like the social pages @elevatesupps and subscribe to our mailing list!!!

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