My goal when I began creating this brand was to provide totally unfiltered and blunt honesty and value to my customer base. Yes, I sell supplements. But if you follow either of my social pages (@elevatesupps) you’ll notice that I also share some of my personal knowledge and experiences and try to motivate those who might not think they can “do it”. Whatever “it” is.

So, let’s just dive right on in, shall we?

A little bit about me: I am going to skip years 1-12 because to be honest, they aren’t insignificant. I played some sports and was a pretty active kid but that wasn’t much of my doing, more of my parents raising me to be that way.

Let’s start at age 13. Moving from 8th grade into 9th grade (big high schooler now!) I spent about 6 weeks in a summer strength and conditioning camp. I think it was the “bigger faster stronger” program that was hot back around that time (2001-2002ish). This is when I got my first taste of weight training. I put on about 25 lbs of muscle that summer alone and felt a little spark inside of me each time I went into the gym to train. I loved it!

Fast forward through my high school years. I was semi serious about sports and weight training, but I can’t say I was passionate about it. I sort of hung around a rough crowd that wasn’t really into self-development so I strayed down a not so desirable path my last couple of years in school, but I ended up enlisting in the Marine Corps when I was 17 years old so I knew, it was time to get my butt into shape!

After I enlisted in August of 2006 and was assigned my ship date of October that same year, I hit it hard! I started running like crazy and working on my upper body strength because the PFT (physical fitness test) consisted of a run, pull ups and crunches. The first PFT I ever ran as a poolee (a term used for someone who is enlisted but hasn’t shipped yet) was something like a 27:30 three-mile run, like 9 pull ups and 70 crunches. Just for reference, a perfect score is an 18-minute run, 20 pull ups and 100 crunches w/in 2 minutes.

October came and next thing I knew I was running my first IFT (Initial fitness test) which was similar to a PFT but only a 1.5 mile run rather than a 3-mile run. I did fairly well. I was around 9:30 on my run, about 11 pull ups and I think I got my crunches. Fast forward to our final PFT in boot camp (12 weeks later) and I had my run down to 19:45, I was doing about 18 pull ups and I had the crunches EASY!

I quickly realized that strength and fitness was my thing, mainly because it came sort of naturally, which is not the same as BEING a natural. To unpack that a little bit more, I just really enjoyed working out and running and watching myself get better. By the end of my 4-year enlistment I was running perfect score PFT’s and had been for about 2 years. I was training 2-3 times a day when I wasn’t deployed or on a training exercise and I was freakin lean!

2010 comes around and I decide I want to get out of the military and pursue college to get my degree. I kept up with my fitness for the most part. I dabbled in some MMA and boxing and even fought in a sanctioned amateur boxing match in 2011 which I cut almost 20 lbs for so I could fight in a lower weight class!

December 2013, I graduated from Texas State University with a bachelor’s in construction science and Mgt and was off to my first job. When I got to my first job, I realized very quick that even as single guy with very few responsibilities besides work, it was tough finding time to work out. I didn’t want to get up early because I loved my sleep, I didn’t want to rush during my lunch break to try and squeeze one in and I was normally pooped after a full day on the job. So, I had heard of this thing called CrossFit where you do these crazy fast and rigorous workouts and everyone is super jacked and it sounded like a great idea cause I could get in and out with little to no thought of what I had to do cause the workouts are all pre-planned for you. So, I did that, and I LOVED it.

I primarily did CrossFit for the next two years or so before money started to get tight and I needed to find things to cut out of my budget, so that was one of the first things to go. Fast forward to 2016 and I am now several years into my career, I’ve got a fiancé and a 3-year-old who I love dearly and are moving in with me in San Antonio, TX.

At this point in my life I am most concerned with two things: 1) Spending quality time with my family and being there for them as much as possible and 2) being able to financially support our family and provide a comfortable living for all 3 of us. Some, if not most of you have been there and know what I mean. You start figuring what you REALLY need and how you can maximize your time and just be an overall efficient human being. Well, one thing I decided to cut out was a gym membership. Instead, I invested a little money in a weight rack, a barbell and some weights and BOOM! My garage gym was born and has become my happy place since then. I have added a little bit at a time and still have a way to go but these days I am mostly working out in my garage, normally super early in the AM.

So why am I telling you all of this? Well, I know that credibility is important and if you’re going to be buying health products from me, its important for you to know I have an extensive background in the fitness/health space and have been taking supplements on and off now for well over a decade. Which leads me to my last and final discussion point……what made me build the Elevate brand?

Great question.

So, without going too deep into personal details, I basically got tired of spending tons of money on products that were A) not sustainable. As in I never really cared to buy anything more than once because I was never really impressed with any of the results I was getting. B) I was experiencing hormonal imbalances, skin issues, and a few other things that I was not happy with and C) I just flat out refused to put money toward something I couldn’t fully trust. So, my solution was Elevate Supplements and Wellness.

I chose 5 products to launch my brand with. I chose Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s), a multi vitamin, an omega fatty acid capsule, nitric oxide and vegan protein. Over time I plan to add more to my product line, but I chose these 5 simply because these are the products, I find useful when training AND for everyday use. My thought process was, I only want to sell stuff I would take, or I would suggest someone takes. There are some companies out there pushing some crazy magical formulas they claim will give make you look like Arnold in his prime and you’ll be unstoppable and blah blah blah……guys, I am here to tell you that 99% of those claims are bologna.

First and foremost, when it comes to your health, there is no magic pill. You have got to have the discipline and the desire to want to take care of yourself so you can live a long and prosperous life. It just so happens that we live in a day and age where if you are deficient in a certain area, there are things that you can take to handle that. If you want to help regulate your blood pressure or are aiming to add some extra protein in your diet or are just busy with life and can’t always home cook all your meals then guess what, THERE IS STUFF FOR ALL OF THAT. I by no means am pushing short cuts or saying take the easy way out. I am simply saying; people supplement for different reasons. I created this brand for people who want to have that extra something in their life and want it at a fair price from a trusted source. Period.

So, in closing, I hope that whoever is reading this now has a better understanding of who I am, what I am about and why I do what I do. If there is one thing that you can always count on with me, its that I will never blow smoke up your ass and I will never try to cheat you out of your money. I started this company to make money, yes, but not at the expense of losing someone’s trust or betraying anyone. Honesty, integrity and quality all come first. I don’t want my customers to be one and done buyers. I want them to stick around for as long as I can keep them, and I want to hear about how my products helped them reach their goals and better their lives. Because at the end of the day, its not about how much money you have, or how many followers you’ve got, its about how many people you’ve helped and what sort of a footprint will you leave on this world when you are gone. What will people say about you? As a friend and mentor of mine says all the time, “take that to the bank!”

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