CBD 101

If you haven’t heard someone throwing this acronym around yet, well, you probably haven’t been paying attention, or you have heard it and just didn’t know what is meant. Much like the internet in the 90’s, CBD has become the modern day craze that is boasted by some to be the magic medicine that can cure cancer, diabetes, a hang nail, your dogs shedding problems, and pretty much any other ailments you can think of. Just kidding, sort of. I'm kind of poking fun at some of the bang wagon “affiliates” or self-proclaimed “experts” out there who talk about it like they are reading off some script. I am by no means an expert, but I have done my homework and can tell when someone is just spouting out something they heard VS someone who has actually done some research, maybe read a book or two, or spent some time online going through article after article in an attempt the siphon the facts out of the massive piles of BS.

Let me step back and be very clear that I am actually a HUGE advocate of CBD and a consumer myself. I have multiple friends in the industry creating great brand integrity and sustainable product lines and doing it the right way. I have experienced firsthand some of the benefits of using CBD like stress management, anti-inflammatory benefits, sleep aid, etc. And I have seen/heard of family and friends who have experienced similar benefits. So, what IS CBD? On a very basic level, CBD (short for cannabidiol) is one of the many cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant that is said to provide all the same benefits as THC without giving you the “high” that can come with some negative side effects like anxiety and increased appetite. Or just being high and not being able to function normally. Hey, some can handle it, and some can’t. It is what it is lol. Anyways, what does that mean and why is that so earth shattering? Well, not everyone likes to get high, but there are some benefits to smoking weed that a lot of folks would like to still get without actually getting high. It can also be used in topical creams, skin care products, food, drinks, the amount of ways CBD can be infused into a product are far and wide. I will say, however, that you should be mindful of how your CBD is being delivered into your system. Pure CBD (as pure as you can get it at least) is obviously the best way to go. Anytime you can get something in its most pure form, you should always opt for that. There is an influx of companies out there just putting CBD into any and everything they can infuse it into in an attempt to differentiate themselves and take advantage of the CBD gold rush, which is a great business move, but some of those products lack purity due to the amount of processes they must go through to get them from the plant into the final product. Don’t be shocked if you eat some CBD isolate gummies and experience no sort of benefit whatsoever. Chances are, the molecular integrity of that batch has been degraded to the point that there may be some CBD in there, but its quality and purity is obsolete at that point.

So, I threw out a term there, isolate. There are 3 ways CBD can be extracted that I am aware of and this is where most people who decide not to do their homework get mixed up. You have:

  • Full spectrum – contains the whole plant. This is the best version of CBD and what most should aim to consume. Imagine eating an apple. Skin, seeds, stem, body, all of it. You get the benefits of the entire plant. Nothing is wasted.
  • Broad spectrum – Full spectrum without the THC. Still a good option, but THC even in trace amounts, is still said to have some benefits that you’ll be missing out on with this option. This would be like eating the apple but peeling the skin off first.
  • Isolate – Singular, purified extract containing ONLY CBD. This option is popular among folks who are worried about having THC in their system, even though the legal amount by definition is 0.3%. So, this would be like eating the apple minus the skin and the body. So, your just eating seeds and the stem at this point.

Take the “apple” analogy with a grain of salt. CBD all on its own has been said to still have lots of beneficial value, but most people would agree that getting the whole plant in its purest form is always going to yield the best results. This is known as the Entourage Effect. This could honestly be a SUPER long post if we were to dive into the details even further, but I’d rather give you just enough info to pique your interest and hopefully cause you to go do a little research of your own! I will however close with a few pointers and things to look out for that should at least get you pointed in the right direction:

  • CBD does NOT get you high. I don’t care what anyone says.
  • Steer clear of “affiliates” peddling someone else’s products who aren’t properly educated on what they are trying to sell you. Text or email me if you’d like to know a good source of where to get some good CBD.
  • Don’t be fooled by the flashy products that look “fun” and “yummy” to take. Aim for a pure and sustainable product. You’re going to pay premium for that 10 pack of gummies when you could spend the same amount on a bottle of oil that will last you 10 times as long and deliver way better results, I promise.
  • Don’t be fooled by marketing. If someone is making claims about something, for example, “our CBD is the best for sleep aid” email them and ask some questions. Anyone who is TRULY passionate about this industry and genuinely wants to help others and is not pushed purely by profit will be more than happy to take the time to explain. And if it sounds like BS, get a second opinion. Go online and read reviews. Just don’t be that person who blindly makes a purchase because you’ll likely get some low-grade stuff, have a terrible experience and have nothing good to say about it and we don’t want that.
  • Last and probably most important of all, keep an open mind. Maybe you were raised in a house like I was where anything weed or weed related was bad. I get it. But this is not weed. It doesn’t even get you high. People of all walks of life (infant children all the way to elderly men and women) are out there improving their quality of life by using something that their bodies were wired to interact with (the endocannabinoid system). Why should they be shamed for that? Why are we so stuck in our tiny little frame of minds where it HAS to be on a BIG corporate store shelf in order for it to be good? Like OTC drugs, right?! People are out there taking NyQuil to go to sleep and popping Motrin like candy to manage pain but turn their nose up to something like CBD cause in their minds its “weed”. Please….

That’s all I got for this one guys/gals. Thanks for reading. As always, send me your thoughts, good or bad. I am happy to share my resources with you if you’re interested in getting further educated or trying to manage some of your own issues via CBD. Maybe it’ll help, maybe it won’t. If you decide it isn’t for you, let others still enjoy it. Take care now!

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